Saturday, September 7, 2013

Scenes From an Airport--The Thinker (2001)

This blog will be full of back and forth...stuff I write now, and stuff I've written previously. This is something I wrote back in April 2001. I'm trying to consolidate.

Scenes From an Airport-The Thinker

It's when...

You're sitting in an airport halfway between where you have to go and where you really would rather be. The musak at Gate C27 is awful but you recognize every song and you tap your foot, singing the words to yourself, thinking, "Y'know, that Billy Joel/Tom Jones/Neil Diamond etc. really knew what he was talking about." Then you smile-a smile intended for the one who is where you would rather be and not halfway between or where you have to go. Quickly the smile turns into a sigh as they call your flight.

It's when...

Your arms ache because they're empty. And it's only been four hours, 23 minutes, five seconds-six-seven...

It's when...

You actually draft a letter to Crayola saying: "Hey, there's this incredible color green that's been hiding in my friends eyes and you really should look into to because it'd be the best crayon color ever." In hopes that they actually would make it so you can carry the crayon and whenever you ached to look into those eyes, you could pull it out and color whatever was in front of you.
Which would be quite often.
You'd go through a lot of crayons.
A lot.

It's when...

You fold yourself into seat/flotation device 16-F and hug a small monkey to you because right now it's all you've got and you wish you had thought to put some cologne on the monkey, not because it smells, but because it doesn't. Then the realization that you are having a conversation about a monkey wearing cologne with yourself is enough to make you take out your headphones and try not to think. A familiar song fills your ears and singing the words to yourself you think, "Hey, those Backstreet Boys know what they're talking about."

That's when you know you're in trouble.


  1. Aw. You're in love? That's nice. And Jim Croce totally knows what I am talking about. Likewise, James Taylor, Neil Diamond, Elton John, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, all those guys. But I digress.
    uuummm. I was hoping some punch and pie would show up about now...? OK, well I guess there's no pie and punch just yet, but I'll be back. I like it here.

  2. This was written back in 2001 during my sordid love with my online boyfriend. Yeah, I met a guy online before Match and all those other things. What's funny is that now he's become one of those people you should stay away from online. I definitely won that one.

    As for the punch and pie...I'll be working on it. Thanks for stopping in!