Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reason #42 Why I Got Married

Neck zits.

Or really, any zit in a spot that I can't reach. But today's inspiration comes from a horrific zit I have on my neck.

It hurts! I can see it, I can touch it, but any time I try to squeeze it (you know, to remove it) the pain I feel makes me stop and weep like an infant. And then it just grows bigger, redder, and angrier. The huge whitehead in the middle starts mocking me. It has become almost comical--like an over-exaggerated zit you'd see on a TV or movie character. You know the kind. And all I want to do is pop it.

This is where I miss my husband. Because he would pop it for me. It would hurt, and I would cry, but then it would be gone. Because, yes, my husband pops my zits. And I return the favor. We're humans....WE'RE PRIMATES! This is what we're hard-wired to do. And honestly, there are few things on this earth as satisfying as popping something off of your own body, or the body of your significant other.

So now I will clean my house with my neck throbbing and be silently judged by you all reading this who want to pretend you have never popped a zit, and that you don't know just how good it feels sometimes. Good day.

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