Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Challenge.....reluctantly accepted

Challenge: Daniel is really struggling with being "different" this year. In class he was allowed to use a laptop to take notes because handwriting is no bueno. He didn't want to because he was the only one doing it. Today he had to take a test that was down in the Autism suite, with notes, and he didn't want to. Why? "I feel bad that my friends don't get this kind of help. I don't think it's fair just because i'm Autistic I get special treatment."

First of all, I love his heart. Next of all, how do I explain this to him so that he can understand and accept the help he gets, but not lead him to think he's entitled to it? By entitled I mean that I don't want to turn him into Joe Douche that says, "I don't have to do this work, I'm Autistic. Check out the IEP." No. He has special needs, and because of that is afforded assistance in various ways, but I will not ever EVER let him think that's he's a victim and that he can act as if he were one. Oh HELLS no. Not on my watch, Cap'n.

Social studies and science have been a struggle because of the notes and his teachers are working with his team (myself, paras and AS teacher) to come up with a fair compromise so he gets the knowledge, and does the work showing the teacher that he is learning. Because him avoiding class and having 2+ hour meltdowns at home at the suggestion of homework isn't doing anybody any good. But this kid....this kid. He thinks he has an unfair advantage when in actuality his help is leveling the playing field. This kid...

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